Data Privacy Notice for Cat® App Mobile App

Last Revised: May 31, 2019

This privacy notice describes how Caterpillar collect(s) and process(es) the personal information through Cat® App mobile app. This notice is consistent with Caterpillar’s Global Privacy Statement, which describes how Caterpillar collects, processes and shares personal data, rights that you may have under privacy laws, and other information relevant to Caterpillar’s processing of personal information. Caterpillar’s Global Privacy Statement is available at

What personal information does this app collect and process, and why?

User-Provided Information

This is a mobile app that provides you with access to your fleet data (i.e., asset list, SMU hour meter, location, utilization, fuel, fault codes, maintenance, operator’s manual). It also enables you to connect with local Caterpillar dealers in order to fulfill requests for service, parts or connectivity.

When logged in, the app accesses your profile information attached to your Caterpillar CWS ID. This information is used to efficiently respond to and processes requests that you generate from within the app. This information includes: Name, Company Name, Email Address, Business or Mobile Phone Number, Business Address. This information may also be used by analytics tools to help drive decisions around product improvements.

When not logged in, the app only receives personal information that you submit as part of requests that you generate. These requests include: registering for a new Caterpillar CWS ID, requesting service from a local Cat dealer and requesting general help.

Automatically Collected Information & Tracking

This app automatically collects device information (mobile phone make/model and operating system), app version information and session information (when is the app used and for how long, what actions are being performed in the app). This information is used to help drive decisions around product improvements.

Do Not Track Signals

At this time, this app does not respond to “Do Not Track” signals that may be sent by your browser. We may revisit this as standards develop on how such signals should be interpreted and applied.

Where can I obtain further information about this app and its privacy practices?

Contact us at:
Cat Digital Labs
188 King St. #402
San Francisco, CA, 94107

For additional corporate contact information, please see the Global Privacy Statement at

What happens if this privacy notice changes?

We reserve the right to amend this privacy notice. If we update or change this privacy notice, the changes will be made on this page. Your use of the app following the posting of changes to this privacy notice will demonstrate your acceptance of those changes.